Growing your brand in 2019 (3 Starting Tips)

Times have changed, In this day and age there is no point in having a business with a good product or service if no one is seeing it. Just as technology changes so often so do business trends, if you don’t keep up, you will be left behind until you are no more.

Online presence– If you are active and have a consistent digital presence that will definitely keep you in the race. Social media is a given and a big factor where you are able to connect with not just your followers but also potential customers. Interact with your following and build that connection to grow loyalty, this will pay off in the long run. It could be giveaways, contests or just posts that will be engaging. Other key tactics are to connect with them on all touch points, leave them with a positive experience on every interaction with the brand.  Whether it be google reviews, email letters, paid ad campaigns or just social media responses. Growing your online presence and digital marketing is vital for the growth of a brand.

Website- You should take your time to really execute this part out, this will be your bread and butter whether you offer a product or service. Think of your website as your sales associate, it should be doing the selling for you. You want to trust it to get your message across to show potential customers why they should purchase from you. It needs to have all the information covered to have prospects not leaving with unanswered questions. A good website will go a long way so make sure the usability of it is on point, as well as all information on the product or service. Adding a touch of your branding is important, making sure the experience is unique and remembered. It will increase retention, engagement and conversion.

Content- Do not cut corners when it comes to content, you need to spend money to make money! Content is what your customers and potential customers will use to perceive your brand as well as your product or service. Content such as your branding, logos, posters flyers and more importantly photos and videos. This will do half of the selling for you, you can showcase what you are selling before your customer physically even views it! Think of unique ways to get your message across to show why they should purchase from you.

There are some businesses that do not to do the above and are still around, however it just a matter of time until they are gone. If you want to grow your brand and be around for the long run make sure to keep up and do the above. They all intertwine and benefit one another, this will not just help you grow awareness, but also build your brand and increase sales.  Using these tips helps your credibility and shows you’re established, the top factors for consumer purchasing are trust and benefit, if you are able to show them that they can trust you and you can solve their problem, they will purchase from you and be loyal. 


Abdullah Khan

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